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Loss Prevention Tip #12

Loss Prevention Tip #12

The Lawyers’ Insurance Programme is seeing an increase in spear phishing email frauds targeting lawyers and law firms. The spear phishing messages we are seeing are very sophisticated. The messages are intended to trick the recipient into making a payment or transferring funds to someone outside the firm.

A sample of the latest communications we have received on a phishing attempt appears below. In this case, the email appeared to come from a member in their capacity as President of an Organization, with their correct address showing in the “From:” line, but all replies were actually going to an address

From: Member in a capacity as a President of an Organization
Sent: June-08-17 6:29 PM
To: Another Member in capacity as a Treasurer of an Organization
Subject: *Quick Update’s*


How are you?

We have a payment that needs to be made, i need you to arrange a transfer of $7,900.00 to a vendor today.

kindly confirm to me if you can get this done, so i can send you the vendor/consultant details. E-mail me for questions

Best Regards,

You can learn more about spear phishing attacks in the attached LAWPRO Magazine article Dont take the bait on a spear phishing attack .