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Loss Prevention Tip #18: Holding Law Firm Data for Ransom

Ransomware attacks continue to affect many lawyers across the country. Ransomware attacks are a form of “digital blackmail” that:

“…will systematically scramble the files on the victim’s computer, locking them with a digital key to which only the criminal has access. Victims are then unable to read the files, which could potentially cripple a business, especially if the data is critical to its operation. Once in the snare of the criminal, the victim must make a payment to receive the key, causing the ransomware to automatically unlock the files.”

The blog post Ransomware Attacks Stymie Law Firms includes some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a ransomware attack as well as an Interactive Quiz to test your vulnerability. (Excerpt from CLIA Loss Prevention E-Byte, June 2017)