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The Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is a subscribing member of the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA) a reciprocal insurance exchange established in 1988. CLIA provides a long-term professional liability insurance solution for the legal profession in Canada. Through CLIA, each practising insured lawyer has mandatory Errors and Omissions insurance with a limit of $1M per claim and a $2M annual aggregate limit. In addition, lawyers have mandatory Cyber insurance ranging from $100K to $250K for various common cyber claims.

Each year CLIA negotiates the terms of its reinsurance contracts with its long-term existing reinsurance companies as well as new potential insurance markets. This provides the lawyers participating in this program with the best coverage and price available in the global reinsurance markets. CLIA’s reinsurance prices increased in 2021 due to a hard insurance market. During these times of difficulty and uncertainty, CLIA is pleased to be offering a 20% discount off of the reinsurance rates for firms who purchase errors and omissions insurance with CLIA. Detailed pricing is available through CLIA’s online quote tool here:

Referral Program
Did we mention we have a referral program? You bet we do! If you refer a new client for excess liability coverage you receive a 10% discount on the following year renewal.

Retiree Discount
As a retiree you remain responsible for work performed prior to retirement. We want you to be at ease during your retirement. We provide all retired inactive lawyers with a 25% discount.

Important: Claims-Made Policy
Excess insurance policies are claims-made, which means the trigger for coverage is not when the work was done but when the claim was known to the insured and reported to the insurer. If you have stopped carrying excess insurance at the time the claim is made, the excess policy will not respond.

Renewal Opening
The online application to apply for these insurance products can be completed by going to The renewal period will be open until July 31, 2021 – applications submitted after that date will be prorated for coverage.

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Excess Cyber Brochure

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