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IRCC introduces epost Connect for refugee claimants and pre-removal risk assessment applicants

In order to facilitate client services during the pandemic and beyond, IRCC will begin implementing the use of Canada Post’s epost Connect for select IRCC business lines affecting refugee claimants and pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) applicants.

Epost Connect is an easy-to-use service that allows for electronic document transfers that are secure, private and confidential. There is no cost to claimants, applicants or counsel. The epost Connect account will be connected to the client’s or counsel’s email address, so that they are notified whenever a new epost Connect message is received.
Persons in Canada wishing to make a refugee claim at an inland IRCC office will be able to do so by following the instructions on our website, including sending an email to with the required information.

Beginning July 8, 2020, after IRCC receives the email with the client’s required information, IRCC will send an auto-reply message advising the client to create an epost Connect account. IRCC will also connect via epost Connect and advise what forms and documents the claimant must provide. By using epost Connect, claimants will be able to submit their completed application forms and other personal, sensitive information securely. In addition, epost Connect will enable officers to send and request documents from clients (for example, the Acknowledgement of Claim form) and to follow up with claimants and their representatives about the completion of forms or other matters that may arise.

Once IRCC offices resume their usual functions, claimants will be scheduled to report in person to provide their fingerprints, attend an interview and receive the refugee protection claimant document.

As of July 2020, IRCC will also allow the submission of PRRA applications and supporting documentation via epost Connect. Clients will also be able to receive information from IRCC regarding the scheduling of their PRRA hearing (if required). The epost Connect solution will also allow for two-way communication between IRCC’s Ministerial Reviews and Interventions Program and the Immigration and Refugee Board for the purposes of submitting interventions and receiving documentation.

Once correspondence between an individual and IRCC is established, communications will be carried out through epost Connect. Documents and immigration packages may also be sent to clients by mail.

For further information and instructions on communicating electronically with IRCC via epost Connect, please check IRCC’s website.