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Obituary – Owen H. Myers

We regret to inform you of the death of Owen H. Myers

Owen Huw Myers

His Welsh heritage might explain his gregarious talent for storytelling. He was a bard with cutting wit, insight and kindness. He was always sharing his Buddhistic view of life with whomever he met. He had a global view of the world that he shared with friends, family and strangers, but it was always centred on the province he loved, Newfoundland.

Owen never followed a traditional path, eschewing university for living in India and then on Hippy Hill in the Queen Charlottes, being self-sufficient and self-taught. He was a voracious reader, giving away hundreds of books to share his enthusiasm for new ideas, history and philosophy.

Owen was an avid salmon angler who could dig out a fish from any river, particularly his beloved Little Salmonier, a rugged and wild place. He was an accomplished boatman earning the sobriquet of a seadog of Fortune Bay and was never happier than with friends at Tickle Beach.

Dreams and ideas were everything to Owen – in many ways he lived his wife’s nickname of ‘Why not?’ and no matter what happened he was irrepressible!
By friends he was described as a force, a rare bird, and a lovely man and a gentleman.

He was a passionate advocate for outdoor rights, preservation of wild salmon and the Newfoundland fishery.

Later in life, after years at sea as a fisheries guardian and iceberg manager, Owen became a lawyer and took to heart the duties of a principled officer of the court. He retired in 2018 after his last successful case as a private citizen standing up for the survival of wild salmon.

His irrepressible spirit and brilliance will be missed by his beloved wife, Anna Myers, step-daughter Henny Buffinga and her husband, Andrew Ward. He is survived by his 101-year old mother, Mrs. G. Myers.

As he was fond of quoting: “From the first not a thing is.”