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Paisley Irregulars Essay Competition in Negligence Law – Call for Submissions 2022-23

This is a call for submissions for the 2022-23 Paisley Irregulars Essay Competition in Negligence Law.

Authors must be either (a) a full-time student pursing a law degree at a Canadian law school, or (b) an articling student (including judicial law clerk) enrolled with a Canadian law society.

Papers must be author’s original and unpublished work. Papers (and revisions of papers) previously submitted for academic credit are eligible. Papers previously published or originally prepared for professional development courses are not eligible. Papers may be up to 12 pages / 2500 words in length (this limit excludes cover page, endnotes, and Table of Authorities).

Full details are set out in the Competition Rules, available at Papers must address the specific theme of:

Donoghue v. Stevenson at 90: a review of the global influence of Donoghue v. Stevenson in the period 1932-2022. Authors may take either a temporal view (reference to the case over time) or a spatial view (reference to this UK case in non-UK jurisdictions). Authors may focus on manageable discrete jurisdictions, e.g. Australia (federal and state), Caribbean region, European civil law countries, etc.).

The extent of citations will be an additional judging criterion to the general criteria.

Authors seeking clarification or approval for a focus may contact the Competition Chair.

$1000, publication on the Paisley Irregulars website, and possible publication in a Canadian legal journal (we are pursuing negotiations with a leading journal). Prize may be withheld if no paper of sufficient quality is received.


  1. Papers must include a cover page showing: author’s name and contact information (telephone and email address), paper title, date of submission, and indication of whether the paper was submitted for academic credit, and if so, state the law school, course name and number, and professor’s name and contact information (telephone and email address). Author’s name or other personal identifying information must not appear in the body of the paper.
  2. Papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word file format (.doc or .docx), and must be set to print on 8½ x11” paper, single sided, in Times New Roman or Arial font, 12-point size, monochrome, with 1-inch margins on all borders. The body of the paper must be doublespaced. Endnotes are to be used (not footnotes), which must also be in 12-point font but may be single spaced. Text and endnotes must not include highlighting or hyperlinks.
  3. Papers must be of publishable quality and must be written in English. Following the body of the paper, there must be a Table of Authorities showing legislation, cases, texts/articles, etc., referred to in the paper. The Table of Authorities may be formatted in any standard legal or academic style. Citations must be in accordance with the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (aka “McGill Guide”) edition current as of submission date.
  4. Papers may be up to 12 pages / 2500 words in length. This limit excludes cover page, endnotes, and Table of Authorities. Pages are to show pagination using Arabic numerals beginning with “1” on the first page of text (after the cover page)

Papers must be submitted by email by Monday 26 June 2023 (12:00 noon Mountain Time) to the Competition Chair (email:

For further information and the official Competition Rules, see the Paisley Irregulars Essay Competition website at
Competition Chair: Gregory S. Pun QC
(C) 778-231-0364

Click here to see the competition rules