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A Ferryland Merchant – Magistrate: The Journal and Cases of Robert Carter, Esq. J.P. 1841-1852 Vol. 3. Edited by Gerald Barnable, Christopher Curran, and Melvin Baker (2014)



The third volume of A Ferryland Merchant-Magistrate, this cumulative name and place index is intended to make Carter’s record of this period in Newfoundland’s social, economic, and political development accessible to the general reader and the research community.

Robert Carter served as Magistrate in Ferryland at a pivotal point in Newfoundland’s history: the tumultuous period from the grant of representative government in 1832 to the emergence of responsible government in 1855. His journal offers an unrivalled picture, over a sustained period of 21 years, of life in this Newfoundland outport community throughout almost the entirety of this formative period. His journals and cases provide invaluable insight into the role of the magistracy as an institution in helping shape community life at the local level.

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