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The Journals of George Simms, JP., and the Records of the Labrador Court 1826—1833. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Augustus G. Lilly and Christopher P. Curran



The Judicature Act of 1824 (5 Geo. 4, c. 67) contained provisions for the establishment of a Court of Civil Jurisdiction on the Coast of Labrador. Trepassey merchant and magistrate George Simms, served as Clerk of that Court and as a Justice of the Peace for the District of Labrador from 1827 to 1833 when the Labrador Court was abolished by the fledgling Newfoundland Legislature as an unwarranted expense. This book, in two volumes, contains the, heretofore unpublished, text of George Simms’s Labrador Journal 1830-1833 together with an indexed transcription of the Records of both the Civil Court and the Sessions Court for the period 1826-1833.  Simms’s Journal provides an unvarnished account of the daily life of the Court on the Labrador Coast. Despite the Court’s short life its existence played an essential role in the 1927 Privy Council decision in the Labrador Boundary Case.  Appendices of archival material, Indices of Words and Phrases, Place Names, biographical profiles, maps and period illustrations supplement the text.

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