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Provincial Court Operations for St. John’s and Harbour Grace

As of Tuesday, March 16, 2021, the St. John’s and Harbour Grace Provincial Courts will be accepting applications to hear more of the cases which are now listed on its dockets.


The Court will now hear all matters (except arraignments, civil trials, traffic trials and peace bond hearings) where it can be established that the case can be efficiently and effectively presented to the Court for adjudication without the need for the physical presence of any person.

However, before any such case can proceed the parties will be required to obtain the permission of the Court. The nature of the virtual hearing and the processes by which the remote appearances might be best achieved can then be determined by the presiding judge.

Anyone wishing to make an application should forward it in the form as prescribed by the Rules to the appropriate e-mail address: or A time will then be set for its hearing.

All in-custody inter partes criminal cases and urgent/emergency family matters and specialty courts’ cases will proceed virtually, if practicable. Protocols established by the Notice dated February 14, 2021 for all matters continue in effect.


All other cases which had been scheduled for adjudication between February 15, 2021 and March 26, 2021, inclusive, will now be advanced by six weeks. This means that if you are not in custody and you have a court appearance for a criminal matter or a non-urgent family matter from Monday, February 15, 2021 to Friday March 26, 2021 you do not need to attend court. The Court website will be updated regularly to provide information regarding rescheduling, including your new Court date, which will be six (6) weeks from the date of your scheduled court appearance or the next day after that the Court is open. The Court will adjourn your matter without you being present using a Court Order called a “bench warrant with discretion” which will require you to attend Court on the new date. Your new Court date will be posted on the website when available.


Travel to the Placentia circuit remains suspended until further notice. Any scheduled matter will be called on the next scheduled Court circuit.


Civil trials, traffic trials, and Contraventions Act cases will be adjourned indefinitely and the parties will be contacted by the Court regarding rescheduled dates.


Court operations will be monitored to ensure optimal service during these challenging times. Where possible, courthouses may be re-opened. Any changes will be posted on this website,


Enquiries can be made to the local Courthouse, as listed in the Notice.

Notice to the Profession and Public – Provincial Court of NL  – St John’s and Harbour Grace – March 11, 2021