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Return or renew request from the Law Library

At this time of year, we would like to request that all Members of the Law Society please check your shelves and your office libraries to see if any items belonging to the Law Society Law Library have made themselves at home with you rather than returning to the Law Library. If so, could you please either renew them by contacting the Law Library or arrange for their return? We have included a list of missing items with this notice.

Please be advised that the Law Library is now using a new automated notice for renewals and overdues. If you have items that are coming due for renewal or are overdue, you will receive an email from containing a notice similar to the one attached indicating what you have borrowed, the date borrowed, and the expected return date.

If you receive one of these emails please either return the item(s) or contact the Law Library as soon as possible either by calling 709-753-7770 or emailing to renew. Please note that all members in good standing with the Law Society are permitted to renew up to 3 times on any given loan.

Missing Law Library Items_2017