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S.S. Daisy Legal History Committee – New Publication

The S.S. Daisy Legal History Committee of the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to announce the launch of a new volume:

A Summary of the Laws of Commerce and Navigation

by Reverend Lewis Amadeus Anspach
Harbour Grace Minister-Magistrate

Edited with introductory essays and notes by Christopher Curran & Melvin Baker

Anspach’s Summary of the Laws of Commerce and Navigation was the colony’s first home-grown compilation of law relating to commercial legal practice and may be regarded as Newfoundland’s first commercial law textbook. Now extremely rare, it is republished as part of the SS Daisy Committee’s ongoing efforts to make available to the Bench, Bar and general public the “Classics of Newfoundland Law” at a reasonable price. This transcription of the original is based on a first edition owned by former Chief Justice R. S. Furlong.

To situate Anspach’s Summary in context it is accompanied in this republication by transcriptions from the English statute volumes and handwritten court decisions from the Court Minute Books of the period.

The work appears in two volumes.

Available for purchase from the Law Society for $40 (HST included)