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Seeking Lawyer to Join Board of Directors – Anglican Home Incorporated (Saint Luke’s Community Living)

Board of Directors – Anglican Home Incorporated (Saint Luke’s Community Living)

Who We Are

Anglican Homes Incorporated (also known as Saint Luke’s Community Living) is a non-profit organization which supports long-term care and adult community outreach programs through Saint Luke’s long-term care facility, and provides independent housing for seniors in its cottages, apartments, and townhouses.  The Saint Luke’s community of care operates (at arms-length) under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador (Anglican East NL), in partnership with the Eastern Regional Integrated Health Authority (outreach and long-term care), and with the support of volunteers.  AHI’s vision is to be a leading provider of an affordable continuum of care for seniors in our community.

The Anglican Homes Inc. (AHI) Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who provide leadership and overall direction in the delivery of the organization’s mandate.  Members of the Board are responsible for review and approval of AHI’s strategic objectives, policies and finances.  The Board is supported by AHI’s CEO and a small staff.

As part of a regular cycle of recruitment, we are seeking board members who are committed to working collaboratively on issues related to our mandate and vision.

Time Commitments

Directors serve for a three-year term, with the possibility of serving a second consecutive term, and are expected to attend:

  • Monthly two-hour meetings of the Board of Directors, currently held virtually but anticipated to return to in-person in early 2022 (or a combination of in-person and virtual). There are no regular meetings scheduled in December, July or August of each year.
  • AHI’s Annual General Meeting, normally held in June of each year (September 2021 due to pandemic restrictions)
  • Monthly Committee meetings as agreed by members of each Committee

Expectations and Responsibilities

Directors are expected to contribute to the overall mandate of AHI, through positive and respectful discussions, and emulate the organization’s values of: Caring and Compassion for those we serve; Respect and Dignity for all; Integrity and Accountability; and Best Practices.  This is realized through collaboratively applying their expertise and experience to various strategic issues and objectives, assessing organizational performance and governance, and helping to cultivate partnerships and community connections.

Directors provide proper financial oversight by reviewing financial statements and summaries and ensuing proper financial controls are in place.  Directors are expected to use due diligence in reviewing and approving financial and legal documents.

Directors are expected to serve on various standing committees, as assigned by the Chair, which include:  Finance; Operations; Property; and Governance.  Elections of Executive Officers are held annually, after the AGM.  The Executive consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Past-Chair, Secretary, and the Chairs of Finance, Operations and Property committees.


AHI’s Board of Directors should represent the broad range of expertise, undertakings and services provided by the organization, and represent the variety of communities and organizations we serve.

Board members will be able to contribute a variety of skills and experience to provide effective leadership.  In particular, we are seeking individuals with:

  • A keen interest in developing effective strategies to address the continuum of care for seniors, through:
    • the provision of safe, comfortable and generally affordable independent housing for seniors (60+);
    • identification and brokering of various services for tenants in order to help them to live as independently as possible in safety and comfort;
    • the provision and improvement of the community outreach (adult day) programming for seniors who may be socially isolated or have cognitive issues (and their families); and,
    • the delivery of long-term care services, in partnership with the Eastern Regional Health Authority.
  • The ability to think strategically in a non-profit environment;
  • Experience in various relevant subject areas such as:
    • financial management (including chartered accounting, banking, business);
    • legal;
    • engineering, building design; construction; property development and management;
    • marketing and communications;
    • senior (executive and/or operational) management in either the public, private or non-profit sectors;
    • health care provision (physicians; nurses/nurse practitioners; allied health professions);
    • social work; social enterprise.
  • Support for diversity
  • Preferably some connection to the broad, faith-based community of Saint Luke’s, the Anglican church, or similar organizations (with similar values).
  • Lived experience in dealing with/caring for senior members of the community at large.

If anyone is interested or requires further information please contact:

Karl Green
709 682-7523

Thanking you for your consideration,
Karl Green, Past Chair