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Supreme Court – Notice to the Profession and General Public

Re: Family Division in St. John’s to Begin Using Managed File Transfer Service to Send Out Court Documents

On January 11, 2021, the Family Division of the Supreme Court in St. John’s will begin using the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Managed File Transfer (“MFT”) service to send sensitive digital court documents to litigants, counsel and other external entities.

Why use MFT?
The use of the MFT service will improve the security of the digital information and enable the transfer of much larger documents.

How does MFT work?
Instead of sending a court document as an email attachment, a court staff member will upload the document to a secure encrypted server. Then, recipients will receive an email notification that the document is ready to be downloaded. A sample notification is provided below:
Once recipients receive the notification, they will have to log into MFT and then download the information securely within 7 days. Information about how to log into MFT and download the document is provided in the appendix to this Notice. Please note that you must save or print the document once you have downloaded it. It will not be accessible once the 7 days have expired.

Questions about MFT?
Questions about the MFT system or downloading documents should be sent to

Notice to the Profession and General Public – Secure File Transfers