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Unauthorized Practice of Law in Nunavut

Please note the following important information regarding practicing law in Nunavut:


Unauthorized practice of law in Nunavut

The Law Society of Nunavut has received reports of a number of lawyers engaging in unauthorized practice in Nunavut. In some of these instances, the lawyers claimed they were unaware that Nunavut was not subject to the National Mobility Agreement, and had assumed that they would be able to practice law in Nunavut for a limited period without getting licensed. This is incorrect.

Nunavut is not a signatory party to the National Mobility Agreement. Instead, it abides by the Territorial Mobility Agreement. This means that in order to be entitled to practice law in Nunavut, a lawyer must either:

1) Become a member of the Law Society of Nunavut; or

2) Apply for a Restricted Appearance Certificate, which allows a lawyer to actively practice law in Nunavut on up to three legal matters for one year.

It is important that anyone who wishes to provide legal services in Nunavut follow the proper procedures of either becoming a member of the Law Society of Nunavut or applying for a Restricted Appearance Certificate.

Information on how to apply, including fees, are available on the Law Society of Nunavut’s website:

If you have further questions, please contact the Law Society of Nunavut by email at or by phone at (867) 979-2330.