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Upcoming Learning Opportunities at Gardiner Centre

The Gardiner Centre welcomes opportunities to collaborate with members of Newfoundland and Labrador’s industry and professional associations. Its comprehensive suite of skills-building and career-enhancing professional development training offers benefits that extend beyond traditional classroom settings. Participants who engage in learning together and exchange best practices establish robust networks and bring valuable skills back to their workplaces. The Centre’s flexible training options, available in both in-person and live online formats, cater to diverse schedules and locations. In addition to the listed open enrollment dates, all courses and programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Funding Available for Professional Development Training

The Canada-NL Job Grant provides significant tuition assistance to eligible businesses and organizations to help offset the cost of training for their current and future employees. If you are a private sector employer, not-for-profit organization, Indigenous government or organization, incorporated, or a sole proprietor, you may be eligible. Gardiner Centre is an approved training provider with the Canada-NL Job Grant. For more details on the Canada-NL Job Grant, please click here.

Upcoming Courses at Gardiner Centre

Strategic Risk Management – In Person July 10, 2024
Participants will learn how to be proactive in identifying and managing risk to improve decision-making, increase capacity and enhance performance.

Technical Writing – Online July 11, 2024
In this course, participants will learn to produce clearly written, accurate and comprehensive technical documents for any audience.

Understanding Financial Statements – In person July 23 – July 24, 2024
Understanding Financial Statements guides participants through the objectives and limitations of financial statements and teaches the basics of accrual accounting and cash flows.

Training the Trainer – In Person July 25 – July 27, 2024
This course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the entire training process.  Using evidenced-based practices, participants will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools required to assess training needs, design effective training, and evaluate training programs that will maximize the transfer and application of knowledge.

The Role of Human Resources in Cultivating Company Culture – In Person July 25, 2024
This course will look at the function of human resources through several unique lenses and critically consider the role HR plays in relation to managers, employees, and organizations in general.

Professional Editing Skills and Effective E-Communication – Online July 30th, 2024
This course shares insights into the editing process for email and other forms of written communication. Learn how to use your words to influence.


Posted: June 18, 2024