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Update – Commercial Registrations Division

In response to the current situation, the Commercial Registrations Division has made the following changes to their service:

  • Counter service & Research Area access is by appointment only. Call 729-3316.
  • Request that law firms utilize online registration filing capability through CADO for available registry services versus requesting counter service.
  • Drop boxes have been established for couriers to drop off envelopes. Postal mail delivery is being received daily.
  • Mechanics’ Lien registrations are still treated as high priority and will be reviewed and processed when received. It is important that envelopes are clearly labelled MECHANICS’ LIEN REGISTRATION to alert staff of envelope contents.
  • “Loose Deeds” viewing is currently on hold.

As Commercial Registrations Division is operating at reduced capacity we encourage that calls for routine matters that can be self-served from the Division’s web site (such as obtaining a specific form or registration fee information) be avoided.