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WASH Court Teleconferencing

Please be advised that until further notice the Court will continue to use the teleconferencing procedures set out below for purposes of WASH Court.

In an effort to avoid any technical difficulties during WASH Court, we have set up a teleconference number to be used by all parties who will be attending the WASH Court session which will start at 11 am on each day.

Counsel as well as police who have an individual in custody are expected to call into the teleconference and be ready to start court proceedings at 11 am. Please note that if multiple participants call in at the same time, you may get a busy signal. If this happens, just wait a moment and try your call again.

For purposes of police who have an individual in custody, if you could please keep your phones on mute until your matter is called, it would be appreciated as any background noise can interfere with the court’s recording.

The phone number to call to join the teleconference is 1-855-342-6455. The conference ID to be used by all participants is 3212164.

For the benefit of court staff and Sheriff’s Officers, WASH Court will continue to sit in courtroom #5 as opposed to courtroom #7.