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Mental Health Week: May 2–8, 2022

Lead by the Canadian Mental Health Association, this year’s theme is empathy.

“When someone is struggling, you don’t have to fix their aches and pains, just see it through their eyes.”

“We may be different but we’re not on different sides, so we must see the world as others do.”

“You can understand even if you don’t agree.”

As an acknowledgement, Homewood Health, your professional assistance provider, is pleased to provide the following newsletters which you can find in the Health Library in the Wellness Toolbox on the Law Society’s website:

  • “The Impact of Social Media on Body Image & Mental Health”
  • “Kickstart Your Wellness”
  • “Stress – Finding Your Balance”
  • “Living a Fulfilling Life”
  • “Understanding Mental Health with Chronic Disease”
  • “Children’s Mental Health: Technology and Cyberbullying”

To contact your Professional Assistance Program for support and counselling for mental health, phone (709) 754-3007; 1-800-663-1142 or register with Homewood Health™