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The Health Library

The Health Library is a collection of articles and other resources written by qualified experts in their subject field.  It includes information designed to improve health and wellness, and assists individuals in improving their personal and work-life balance. The online health and wellness library provides users a wealth of exclusively Canadian content and has information on drugs, disease, natural products, tests, procedures, and general health.

Managing Change and COVID-19 Update – September Toolkit
Health and Wellness Library
How to Reduce Holiday Stress
The Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19):Fast Facts & General Information
COVID-19: Financial Tips for Your Financial Health
Stress Solutions
COVID-19: Back to School – Additional Support for Your Child
Staying Connected to Combat Loneliness and Isolation During the Holidays
The Litigator and Mental Health Presentation
The Litigator and Mental Health Publication

VITALITY Newsletter

Homewood Health, our Professional Assistance Program Providers, has introduced a newsletter intended to support wellness in the workforce.

Supporting Employees with Disabilities
When Someone You Care About Has Alzheimer’s Or Dementia
Uncovering Hidden Addictions
Crisis Management
Surviving Abuse and Acts of Violence
Understanding Addiction
Connecting Healthy Sleep and Workplace Safety
Tips for Leading Multi-Generational Teams
How to Support Employees with Children Attending School
Supporting Men in Getting Mental Health Support
Supporting Successful Return to Work
Transgender, Where to Find and How to Give Support
Guiding Employees Through Change
Tips for Creating a Healthy Workplace
Leading with Empathy and Supporting Employee Success

LIFE LINES Newsletter

Lifelines Newsletter is a resource from Homewood Health intended to support wellness with useful information and tips

Mental Health Checkup: Preparing for the Year Ahead
My Wellness
Navigating Life in Mental Health Recovery
Technology and Screen Time
Surviving Grief
How to Combat Post-Holiday Depression
How to Support Children Who Identify as LGBTQ2+
Women’s Mental Health
Vacation: Relax, Refresh and Reconnect
PTSD in the Workplace
Healthy Habits: Positive Influences on Mental Health and Addiction
Healthy Habits: Actions to Recovery
Suicide Prevention: Uncovering the Signs
Me-Time: Managing Stress and Finding Work-Life Balance
Supporting Those in Recovery During the Holidays
Dealing with Seasonal Depression
Learning About Eating Disorders
The Importance of Sleep
LGBTQ+ Mental Health
Supporting First Responders
The Many Faces of PTSD
The Link Between Concussion and Depression
Student Mental Health
Addiction and Recovery
360 Degrees of Mental Health
Men’s Mental Health
Holiday Stress and Anxiety Prevention
Children’s Mental Health: Technology and Cyberbullying
The Impact of Social Media on Body Image & Mental Health
Kickstart Your Wellness
Stress – Finding Your Balance
Living a Fulfilling Life
Understanding Mental Health with Chronic Disease
Indigenous Peoples and Trauma