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17.01 These Rules shall not be altered, amended, added to or superceded (except where a waiver of the application of same is expressly provided for in these Rules) unless notice of such proposal, alteration, amendment, addition or suspension shall have been given at a previous meeting of the Benchers.

Repeal and transition

17.02 (1) All former Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Society are hereby repealed.

(2) Notwithstanding rule 11.02 (1), when on the coming into force of these Rules any proceedings, including discipline proceedings, have been commenced and are pending, or any acts have been taken, the rules of the Society as they exist immediately prior to the coming into force of these Rules shall continue to apply thereto.

(3) All existing committees of the Society as presently constituted shall be and be deemed to be validly constituted under these Rules until such a time as new appointments are made, or required to be made thereto, at which time these rules shall apply thereto.