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Table of Contents:


PART I – Interpretation
1.01 Citation
1.02 Definitions
1.03 Rules of interpretation
1.04 Reference to parts
1.05 Compliance with forms
PART II – Organization of the Society
2.01 Definitions
2.02 Seat
2.03 Seal
2.04 Terms
2.05 Roll of the Society and other archives
2.06 Convocation and other meetings
2.07 (Repealed: Rule 2.07 Spring Term Convocation April 11, 2022)
2.08 Reading of minutes
2.09 Vote by ballot
2.10 Presiding officers in convocation
2.11 Vacancy in office of President
2.12 Vacancy in office of Vice-President
2.13 Financial accounts
2.14 Banking
2.15 Vice-President’s responsibilities
2.16 Committees
2.17 Executive committee
2.18 Life membership
2.19 Non-practising membership
2.20 Changes in association of practice
2.21 Commencement or resumption of practice
2.22 Insurance exemption
2.23 Resignations
2.24 Failure to comply
PART III – The Library
3.01 Librarian and library committee
PART IV – Election Rules
4.01 Nomination for election as Bencher
4.02 When ballots required
4.03 Electronic process
4.04 Voting
4.05 Counting of ballots
4.06 Rejection of ballots
4.07 Results of elections
PART V – Uniform Trust Account Rules
5.01 Definitions
5.01.1 General account
5.02 Maintenance of records
5.03 Deposits and withdrawals from the trust account
5.04 Deposits in trust accounts
5.05 Withdrawals and transfers from trust accounts
5.06 Reporting overdrafts
5.07 Reporting
5.08 Suspension for failure to file
5.09 Exemptions
5.10 Investigations and audits
5.11 Preservation of rights 
5.12 Borrowing and lending
5.13 Bankruptcy and insolvency
5.14 Acting in a representative capacity
5.15 Failure to comply
PART VI – Education and Bar Admission Rules
6.01 Definitions
6.02 Composition and structure of the Education Committee
6.03 Duties and powers of the Education Committee
6.04 Composition and structure of the Bar Admission Committee
6.05 Duties of the Bar Admission Committee
6.06 Enrollment as a student
6.07 Principals
6.08 Terms and service of articles
6.09 Responsibilities of principals and students
6.10 Appearances by students
6.11 Bar Admission Course and Bar Admission Examinations
6.12 Supplementary Bar Admission Course examinations
6.13 Cheating
6.14 Student enrollment as a member
6.15 Reinstatement of practicing status for non-practicing, suspended and former members
6.16 Compulsory continuing professional development
6.17 Mandatory continuing professional development
6.18 Admissions and education hearings
6.19 Appeal procedure
PART VII – Appearances by Non-Members
7.01 Special definitions
7.02 – 7.05 Repealed
7.05 Mobility of persons from non-reciprocating jurisdictions
7.06 Foreign legal consultants
PART VIIA – National Mobility Agreement Rules
7.01A Definitions
7.02A Application and interpretation
7.03A Temporary mobility under National Mobility Agreement
7.04A Responsibilities of visiting lawyer
7.05A Federal jurisdiction
7.06A Trust funds
7.07A Inter-jurisdictional practice permit under National Mobility Agreement
7.08A Disqualifications by establishment of economic nexus
7.09A National Registry of practising lawyers
7.10A Enforcement
7.11A Transfer under the National Mobility Agreement or the Territorial Mobility Agreement
7.12A Liability insurance
7.13A Discipline
PART VIII – Professional Practice Rules
8.01 Definitions
8.02 Traditions and ethics
8.03 Declaration of principle
8.04 Provision of information
8.05 Restrictions on provision of information
8.06 Misleading firm names
8.07 Firm names and letterhead
8.08 Identification of deceased or former members or students
8.09 Prohibited activities
8.10 Preferred areas of practice
8.11 Fee advertising
8.12 Sharing of fees
8.13 Records
8.14 Verification of statements
8.15 Interjurisdictional firms
8.16 Breach of rule
PART IX – Discipline Rules
9.01 Definitions
9.01.1 Designated person
9.02 Consideration by the vice-president
9.02.1 Fitness to Practice Committee
9.03 Alternate dispute resolution
9.04 Vice-president investigation
9.05 Vice-president report
9.06 Complaints Authorization Committee
9.07 Respondent
9.07A Application to vary interim suspension and practice restrictions
9.08 Contents of the complaint
9.09 Joinder and severance
9.10 Notice of the complaint
9.11 Notice of referral to a hearing
9.12 Notice of application to vary the content of the notice of referral to a hearing
9.13 Amending notice periods
9.14 Appointment of the adjudication tribunal and withdrawls
9.15 Pre-hearing conference
9.16 Commencement of the hearing
9.17 Notice of the hearing date
9.18 Adjournments
9.19 Mode of proceedings
9.20 Recordings and transcripts
9.21 Application for particulars
9.22 Amending the complaint
9.23 Compelling evidence
9.24 Disclosure of evidence
9.25 Applications for other relief
9.26 Memorandum of fact and law
9.27 Witnesses
9.28 Failure to appear
9.29 Hearings on the complaint and sanction
9.30 Conduct of the hearing
9.31 Majority decision of the adjudication tribunal
9.32 Decision on the complaint
9.33 Hearing on sanction
9.34 Decision on sanction
9.35 Provision of a decision or order of the adjudication tribunal
9.36 Effect of the decision
9.37 Suspensions
9.38 Applications under s. 53 and s. 54 of the Act
9.39 Procedure
9.40 Notice requirements
9.41 Publication
9.42 Bankruptcy and insolvency
9.43 Judgment and orders
9.44 Duty to report guilty plea or finding of guilt
9.45 Professional misconduct
PART X – Fees and Related Matters
10.01 Suggested scale of fees
10.02 Payment of fees and deductibles
10.03 Determination of fees and interest
10.04 Transaction levy
10.05 Waiver or proration of fees and extension
10.06 Compulsory liability insurance
PART XI – Professional Law Corporations
11.01 Register of professional law corporations
11.02 Approval of incorporation
11.03 Application for licence
11.04 Form of licence
11.05 Annual filing
11.06 Application of professional practice rules
11.07 Application for cancellation of licence
PART XII – Supervision of Legal Assistants
12.01 Definition
12.02 Matters requiring professional skill and judgement
12.03 Legal assistants
PART XIII – Assurance Fund Rules
13.01 Definitions
13.02 Funds continued
13.03 Amount of the fund
13.04 Application for grant
13.05 Inquiry by the Insurance Committee
13.06 Payment from fund
13.07 Maximum grant
13.08 Recovery of payment made
13.09 Inter provincial practice of law
PART XIV – Practice Investigation
14.01 Definitions
14.02 Practice review
14.03 Notice
14.04 Place of review
14.05 Co-operation with investigator
14.06 Report of investigator
14.07 Failure to comply
14.08 Review incomplete
14.09 Use of investigator’s report
14.10 Recovery of expenses of practice review
14.11 Discipline rules apply
PART XIVA – Practice Management Reviews
14.01A Practice management reviews
14.02A Notice
14.03A Process
14.04A Co-operation with reviewer
14.05A Discontinuing a review
14.06A Report
14.07A Undertakings
14.08A Failure to comply
14.09A New sole practitioners and new members of small firms
14.10A Confidentiality 
14.11A Solicitor-client privilege
14.12A Application
14.13A Coming into force
PART XV – Cash Transactions and Record Keeping Requirements
Commentary and advisory
15.01 Special definitions
15.02 Cash transactions
15.03 Record keeping requirements
PART XVI – Client Identification and Verification Requirements
16.01 Definitions
16.02 – 16.03 Requirement to identify client
16.04 When verification of client identity required
16.05 – 16.06 Exemptions re: certain funds
16.06 Requirement to verify client identity
16.07 Record keeping and retention
16.08 Application
16.09 Criminal activity, duty to withdraw at time of taking information
16.10 Monitoring
16.11 Duty to withdraw
PART XVII – Miscellaneous
17.01 Amendment
17.02 Repeal and transition
PART XVIII – Witnessing, Commissioning and Notarizing Documents
18.01 Purpose
18.02 Definitions
18.02A Insurance requirements
18.03 – 18.05 Client identification and verification
18.06 – 18.07 Mitigating the risks
18.08 – 18.09 Recording requirements
18.10 Additional requirements for witnessing a will
18.11 Coming into effect
18.12 Expiry

This is an office consolidation only and is published for the general information and reference of the profession. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, members are reminded that the only official version of the Law Society Rules is contained in the Certified Minutes of Benchers, to which reference may be had, for comparison purposes, on application to the Secretary.