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Student Admission

Application for Admission as Student

Articles of Clerkship

Articles of Clerkship (part-time)

Articling Skills and Experience Checklist


Bar Admission Course

Policy and Procedures for Accommodations in the Bar Admission Course

Accommodations Request Form

Supporting Documentation Form for Medical Professionals Recommending Accommodation(s)


Articling/Call to the Bar

Articling Skills and Experience Progress Report

Application by a Student for Enrollment as a Member

Certificate of Completion of Articles (student)

Certificate of Completion of Articles (principal)


Assignment of Articles

Assignment of Articles of Clerkship

Declaration of Previous Principal


Individuals Seeking Articling Placement

Biographical Information of Individual Seeking Articling Placement


Student Appearances

Client Consent to Student Appearance (Individual Client)

Client Consent to Student Appearance (Corporate Client)

Client Consent to Student Appearance (Department of Justice and Public Safety – Civil)

Client Consent to Student Appearance (Department of Justice and Public Safety – Criminal)


Continuing Professional Development 

CPD Exemption Form


Membership and Practising Status

2.18 Life Membership

2.19A Application for Non-Practising or to Resign Membership

2.20A Notice of Change in Association of Practice

2.21A Application for Commencement or Resumption of Practicing Status

2.22A Insurance Exemption

Good Character Update Form

Certificate of Standing – Direction and Release


Transferring to Newfoundland and Labrador

Application for Admission (Transferring Canadian Lawyer)

Declaration Form


Trust Accounts

5.07A Annual Trust Account Form

5.07B Declaration Pursuant to Rule 5.07(6) of Uniform Trust Account Rules

5.07C Members Report – New Trust Account

Electronic Transfer of Funds for a Lawyer’s Trust Account

LF1 Revision Form


Professional Law Corporations

11.03A Application for Licence as a Professional Law Corporation

11.03B Certified Statement of Disclosure

11.07 PLC Application for Cancellation of Licence



2.22A Application For Exemption From Group Professional Liability Insurance

4.01A Nomination Paper

9.19A Appeal to the Benchers of the Law Society of Newfoundland

10.04A Transaction Levy Summary Form

13.04A Application for Compensation

18 Witnessing, Commissioning and Notarizing Documents via Audio-Visual Technology

Affidavit in accordance with Rule 18.04