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How to Report a Claim or Potential Cyber Incident:

If you need urgent crisis management or legal advice, please contact the Cyber Incident Breach Coach:

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
24/7 Hotline: 1-866-273-2249
ATTN: Imran Ahmad – Ridge Canada

If you would like to formally provide notice of a claim or circumstance to the Insurer, send the required claim details to:

Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions Inc.
ATTN: Claims Management

Below is a list of a few examples (this is by no means exhaustive and is for informational purposes only) of what would be appropriate to report:

  • Your systems are locked and you receive a demand for funds, property or services to regain access
  • Your sensitive data has been exposed or has been threatened to be exposed publicly
  • Data migrates off the network and is being sent to an unknown source
  • There is malware discovered on the system that has gone undetected for sometime
  • Your computer system performance has deteriorated or is interrupted and you suspect that it may be due to malware
  • A client or vendor alerts you of a third party possibly attempting to impersonate your business

When in doubt, please contact the Cyber Incident Response Breach Coach as soon as practicable and they will help guide you through the Ridge notification process.

What You’ll Need to Provide

Whether calling the Cyber Incident Response Breach Coach or notifying Ridge of a claim or circumstance, you will need to prepare some information for our team to help you. Here is what you will need to prepare:

  • Details of the acts, facts, or circumstances that could reasonably be the basis for a claim;
  • Details of the ongoing incident, including the following: date discovered; business impact, including systems and operations affected; and approximate number of individuals whose personally identifiable information may have been compromised (if applicable).

Should you decide to move forward and investigate the network security or privacy incident, it is important to let the Cyber Incident Response Breach Coach assist with response efforts and preparation of materials related to the incident. By using a Cyber Incident Response Breach Coach, the investigation may be protected by privilege in the event of any future litigation.