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1.01 These rules may be cited as the Law Society Rules.


1.02 In these rules,

Act” means the Law Society Act, 1999.

Fees” means all fees, levies, and assessments chargeable by the Society and includes a levy, non-practising fee, certificate or membership fee, assurance fund fee, contingency fee, errors and omissions insurance fee and surcharges, bar admission course fee, student admission fee, administration fee, reinstatement fee, professional law corporation registration and annual fees, and any other fee, levy and assessment fixed by the Benchers and penalty, costs and expenses, fines and any other amounts imposed or ordered by an adjudication panel or the Benchers together with any interest thereon at rates fixed by the Benchers from time to time.

(Amended: Rule 1.02(b) Summer Term Convocation, June 10, 2005)

Bar Admission Committee” means the bar admission committee created by Part VI of these rules as a sub-committee of the education committee.

Convocation” means any regular meeting of Benchers, held as contemplated by section 17(1) of the Act.

Legal practitioner” means a member, a person enrolled under section 39 of the Act and a member of the bar of another province or territory in Canada

(Adopted: Rule 1.02(e) Special Meeting, December 20, 1990)

Rules” means the Law Society Rules.

Deductibles” means errors and omissions insurance deductibles together with any interest thereon at rates fixed by the Benchers from time to time.

(Amended: Rule 1.02(g) Winter Term Convocation, January 25, 1999)

Rules of interpretation

1.03 (1) Words and phrases used in these rules having a defined meaning in the Act shall, except where an express provision herein, or the context, otherwise requires, have a corresponding meaning in these rules.

(2) Words used in these rules importing the masculine gender include the feminine and neutral gender, and vice versa; and words in the singular include the plural, and vice versa.

(Amended: Rule 1.03(2) Summer Term Convocation, June 10, 2005)

(3) Headings used in these rules are inserted for convenience of reference only and shall not be resorted to for the purpose of interpretation of these rules.

Reference to parts

1.04 A group of rules having the same numeral to the left of a decimal point and grouped together under a separate part in these rules may be cited separately as follows:

PART I – Interpretation
PART II – Organization of the Society
PART III – The Library
PART IV – Election Rules
PART V – Trust Account Rules
PART VI – Education and Bar Admission Rules
PART VII – Non-Member Appearances Rules
PART VIIA – National Mobility Agreement Rules
PART VIII – Professional Practice Rules
PART IX – Discipline Rules
PART X – Fees and Related Matters
PART XI- Professional Law Corporations
PART XII – Supervision of Legal Assistants
PART XIII – Assurance Fund Rules
PART XIV – Practice Investigation
PART XIVA – Practice Management Reviews
PART XV – Cash Transactions and Record Keeping Requirements
PART XVI – Client Identification and Verification Requirements
PART XVII – Miscellaneous
PART XVIII – Witnessing, Commissioning and Notarizing Documents

followed in each case by the number of the rule in question. For example, rule 4.01 of these rules may also be cited as “election rule 4.01.”

(Amended: Rule 1.04 Summer Term Convocation, June 10, 2005)

Compliance with forms

1.05 Whereby these rules a person is required to complete, sign or file a form, technical non-compliance with such requirement shall not invalidate such form provided that there is substantial compliance therewith.