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Any communication between the mentor and the mentee arising out of participation in the Mentoring Program is for the sole purpose of guiding and teaching about the practice of law and the issues that the mentee is likely to face in the practice of law.

Any communication between the mentor and the mentee is not intended to be the rendering of legal or professional advice to the mentee or his or her clients, and the mentee will not rely upon such communications or cause any client to rely upon them. The mentee will rely solely upon his or her own judgment, legal opinions, or independent research.

No lawyer-client relationship is formed between the mentor and the mentee as a result of participation in the Mentoring Program. The mentee will not identify any client to the mentor or reveal to the mentor any client confidence, nor will the mentee seek professional or legal advice from the mentor about specific legal matters or clients. Instead all discussions about substantive legal matters between the mentee and the mentor will be limited to hypothetical situations.

The mentor will not co-counsel any matter with the mentee, nor will the mentor make referrals to or accept referrals from the mentee during the term of their mentoring participation.

The mentor will not assume any liability or responsibility with respect to any legal matter of the mentee’s clients, nor will the mentor render professional services to, or take any responsibility either directly or indirectly for any aspect of representation of the mentee’s clients.

The Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador accepts no liability whatsoever arising from the Mentoring Program.