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All students seeking admission to the Law Society are required to participate in the Law Society’s Bar Admission Course (the “BAC”). The BAC generally commences on the first Monday of October and runs for a period of six weeks. The time spent at the BAC is counted toward a student’s 52-week articling term. The goal of the BAC is to (i) provide a comprehensive overview of Newfoundland and Labrador and federal law/procedure, and (ii) ensure that lawyers called to the bar in this province have demonstrated an entry-level degree of competence in the profession. The BAC is intensive, practical, and relevant to what a new lawyer will see in practice. The Law Society endeavours to make the BAC an enjoyable experience for the students as well as the judges, lawyers, and other professionals whose contributions make the BAC a success.

To pass the BAC, students must obtain a mark of at least 60% in each of the three bar admission examinations and a cumulative average of at least 65%. The bar admissions examinations are 3.5 hours long and cover the following subjects: family law, commercial law, civil procedure, criminal law, administrative law, and real estate/wills.