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Practice Resources

These resources provide guidance to lawyers on the management of a law practice. They have been created to help lawyers understand the requirements and obligations set out in the Law Society Act, 1999, Law Society Rules, and Code of Professional Conduct. They do not, however, provide a complete analysis of the topics or a comprehensive review of them.

These resources should not be considered a complete guide to practice management and are not suitable in every situation – every practice management question should be considered in light of the lawyer’s own practice. They are also not intended to replace a lawyer’s professional judgment.


These resources do not override the provisions of the Law Society Act, 1999, Law Society Rules, Code of Professional Conduct, any other legislation or the Law Society’s ability to intervene when necessary to protect the public.

Lawyers must use their professional judgment regarding the accuracy of these materials and whether they are applicable.

The Law Society accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

If you have suggestions for new practice resources, please contact the Director of Practice Management.

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