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Reminder – CLIA Notice

The Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA) is a reciprocal insurance exchange providing professional liability insurance to lawyers in nine Canadian provinces with its headquarters in Regina, Saskatchewan. CLIA’s nominating committee is seeking candidates for one volunteer board position opening July 1, 2020. Candidates do not need to be lawyers but should have some of the skills identified in the skills matrix attached. Experience with financial, investment, actuarial and/or audit functions would be an especially valued asset. CLIA’s Board is a small and engaged group comprised of seven (7) people with varied experience, all of whom are committed to employing good governance principles. The Board meets in person in a central location (usually Toronto or Calgary) approximately six (6) times annually. The CLIA Board is reimbursed for economy travel, the cost of a hotel and other expenses but does not receive an honorarium.

For more information on CLIA, please see the following link:

Nominations should be submitted to the Nominating Committee to the attention of Brenda B. Grimes, QC at by April 3, 2020.

CLIA matrix