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Rule Amendments

Benchers have approved amendments to the following rules: :

  • Rule II – Organization of the Society: Rule 2.18 (Life Membership by Application or Nomination), in order to simplify and provide greater clarity with respect to the process and the requirements for attaining life membership;
  • Rule IX – Discipline Rules: Rule 9.17 (Notice of Hearing Date), in order to provide greater clarity regarding the content of notices of hearings published in accordance with the Law Society’s public protection mandate; and
  • Rule XIVA – Practice Management Review: 14.03A (Process); 14.05A (Discontinuing a Review); 14.07A (Process Following Report); and 14.09A (New Sole Practitioners and New Members of Small Firms), in order to better delineate the circumstances under which reviews are required and to provide greater clarity and transparency with respect to the process.

The updated rules can be found on the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador website.