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Update Amendment to Law Society Rule 18, Law Society Form 18 and the Guidance Document

It has come to our attention that some members who are practicing but qualify for an exemption from the Law Society’s Group Professional Liability Insurance in accordance Law Society Rule 2.22A and Law Society Form 2.22A are unable to witness, commission or notarize documents in accordance with Law Society Rule 18.02A.

Benchers have, therefore, approved an amendment to Law Society Rule 18 so that members who have qualified for an exemption, as noted above, may witness, commission and notarize documents if they will be indemnified by their employers for doing so.

Law Society Form 18 has been amended accordingly.

You can find the updated Rule and Form on our COVID-19 webpage at:

We have also amended the Guidance Document to:

  • reflect the amendments that have been made; and
  • remind members that:
    • they must review the applicable legislation and/or case law to determine whether an original document must be filed and/or maintained; and
    • neither the Temporary Alternate Witnessing of Documents Act nor Law Society Rule 18 address electronic signatures.

The amended Guidance Document can also be found on our COVID-19 webpage noted above.

If you have any questions relating to the application of Law Society Rule 18 or Law Society Form 18 to your practice, please contact the Law Society’s Director of Practice Management, Angie Whitehead, at