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Discipline Decision – 2003


An Adjudication Panel of the Discipline Committee, in a Decision dated August 19, 2003 and pursuant to the Law Society Act, 1999, subsection 46(3) found Donald L. Rankin guilty of conduct deserving of sanction.

Mr. Rankin entered a guilty plea to the following violations of the Code of Professional Conduct:

  1. ) failed to serve a client in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner so as to provide a quality of service at least equal to that which lawyers generally would expect of a competent lawyer in a like situation contrary to the rule contained in Chapter II; and
  2. ) failed to provide notice appropriate in the circumstances of his withdrawal of services to a client contrary to the rule contained in Chapter XII.

The Adjudication Panel Ordered that the member be reprimanded; that the member pay the expenses incurred by the Law Society in the investigation and hearing of the Complaint; and that publication of the disposition of the Complaint be made in accordance with Law Society rule 9.28.