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Seat at the Table Outreach Program – Recruitment of Candidates

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CFPDP is encouraging Canadian corporations to appoint people with disabilities to their boardrooms through its “A Seat at the Table” initiative. Qualified people with disabilities who are interested in joining a corporate board are encouraged to apply. 

Are you looking for a new leadership opportunity? Have you been yearning to put your skills and expertise to work with board management? If you are one or more of the following, CFPDP encourages you to apply to for its “A Seat at the Table” program:

    • Qualified individual with a disability.
    • Energetic and entrepreneurial businessperson who can assist in navigating the landscape of corporate governance, policy, ESG, funding, legal and/or legislation and more.

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Please contact the CFPDP office with questions or for more information: (416) 760-7351